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Youth Screen

Tennessee Voices for Children is pleased to offer free and voluntary mental health screenings to youth in Middle Tennessee emphasizing prevention and early intervention. The Youth Screen program grew out of “TeenScreen,” – developed by Columbia University – and it uses the same, evidence-based screening tool. The program requires parental consent and engages youth in completing a user-friendly, voluntary, and confidential computer-based screening instrument. The screening tool and interview assists in identifying mental health, suicide, and substance abuse risks, that if unaddressed could interfere with the health, well-being, and functioning of youth. Youth Screen's primary goal is to identify youth with mental health risk – before they fall behind in school, end up in trouble, or attempt to take their own lives – and to offer the families of these youth the opportunity to connect with resources and services in the community as needed.

Eligibility Requirements

Youth Screen is free to qualifying communities, schools, agencies, and other service providers in Middle Tennessee.

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Ages Served

Ages 11-18

Full Family Support


701 Bradford Avenue
Nashville, TN 37204
Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm