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SteppenStone Youth Treatment Services - Day Treatment Program

The SSYTS Day Treatment Program is designed to address emotional and behavioral issues of boys 12-17 years old in an environment that provides intensive therapeutic intervention to the boy and his family/caregivers/support system, while the individual is residing with family or is in foster care. Each boy will receive 8-10 hours of individualized clinical and academic services Monday through Friday. No services except emergency services will be provided on Saturday or Sunday.

Eligibility Requirements

SteppenStone Youth Treatment Services Day Treatment Program is available to adolescent males from the ages of 12-17 who are not actively psychotic, homicidal or suicidal, have a full scale IQ 70 or above, and are in need of intensive intervention for significant emotional and behavioral issues including sexual acting out behaviors. Individuals that do not meet these criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Family/guardian participation is essential is the boy is residing in the home or plans to return to the home upon completion of treatment. The following information is a minimum requirement for each referral: 1. Basic information such as Name, Race, County of Residence, Current Placement, Brief Family History, Diagnosis, Current Medications, etc.(for DCS custodial children) 2. Current Psychological (within the last 3 years) 3. Current Psychosexual (within the last 2 years) 4. Prior Placement History 5. Insurance Card, Insurance Verification, Social Security Card 6. Primary Insurance Holder must complete a Financial Agreement 7. Social Security Card 8. Birth Certificate 9. Educational Transcripts (Passport)/Immunization records 10. Current criminal charges (if any) 11. Any incident reports regarding recent behavior

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Ages Served

Ages 14-18


110 SteppenStone Blvd.
Limestone, TN 37681
Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm