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OnTrackTN - Alliance Healthcare Services

OnTrackTN is an innovative treatment program for youth and young adults who have had unusual thoughts and behaviors or who have started hearing and seeing things that others do not. OnTrackTN helps people achieve their goals for school, work, and relationships. Eligible youth and young adults will receive:
- Treatment and supportive services for approximately 2 years, based on their needs and preferences,
- Medication treatment if they and their doctor decide that is needed,
- Help finding a job or completing school.

Eligibility Requirements

OnTrackTN - Alliance Healthcare Services is for people who:
- Reside in Shelby County,
- Are between the ages of 15 and 30 years,
- Have recently begun experiencing symptoms, such as unusual thoughts and/or behaviors, hearing and/or seeing things that others don't, and/or experiences disorganized thinking. These symptoms are present for over a week, but less than 2 years,
- Are willing to work with a diverse team of healthcare professionals.

How to get started

  1. Use one of these methods to contact this service:
    • Phone
    • Email
  2. Find the location closest to you below, and use their contact information.

Ages Served

Ages 14-18

Full Family Support


2579 Douglass Ave.
Memphis, TN 38114
8-4:30 pm