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Ombudsman Program of TCCY (Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth)

The TCCY Ombudsman Program is an external, 3rd party resource for children in the DCS state custody, Child Protective Services , foster home, and kinship care. The Ombudsman Program has autonomy or statutory mandate to review cases of children facing roadblocks and challenges that impacts permanency, placement, safety, array of services, visitation, parent/caregiver support, advocacy and other services needed by the child and family. This unique, independent program works closely with the DCS but is not a part of the department. As an impartial reviewer, it is the goal of the ombudsman to promote transparency, fairness, accountability, timeliness and best practice. The Ombudsman Program accepts referrals from anyone with knowledge of issues or concerns about a Tennessee case regardless of their area of residence or geographic location. Just like many government ombudsman offices throughout the country, the TCCY Ombudsman Program does not have an enforcement power.

Eligibility Requirements

The TCCY Ombudsman Program accepts referrals from all over the state and is a free service. Anyone can refer a case to the ombudsman. All referrals are confidential. You should call the Ombudsman Program (615-741-2633) when you believe the action, inaction, or decision of provider(s) of out-of-home care (including TennCare providers, schools, residential and non-residential care facilities, foster care, detention facilities, public agencies, and social services agencies operated by either the state or one of its contractors) has adversely affected the health, safety, welfare, or rights of children and youth in state custody, or their families. The Ombudsman Program is a service of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth. If you are outside of the Nashville area, please call 1-800-264-0904. The Ombudsman Program follows the tenets of the USOA (United States Ombudsman Association). It is the oldest not-profit, national organization organization of North America.

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