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Nurturing Camp/Parenting Classes

The Center for Family Development's Nurturing Camp partners with the Summer Feed program to provide a daily "camp" during June and July. The Family Nurturing Camp curriculum is administered to the children. At the end of July, we reward the children that have participated with a fun filled day. The Center for Family Development also provides Parenting Classes free of charge to parents that are in need of improving their parenting skills.

Eligibility Requirements

Parenting classes are offered to anyone in the community that is need of education and support. The Parenting classes administer the Nurturing Parent Curriculum. The Parenting Classes are offered free of charge. The Summer Feed and Fun program serves at-risk youth within our community in the Bedford County area. Space for enrollment is limited.

How to get started

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Ages Served

Ages 1-7

Ages 11-16

Shelbyville TN

100 East Side Square
Shelbyville TN, TN 37160
Monday-Friday, 8 am -4:30 pm