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Lebonheur Fatherhood Program

The Fatherhood program goal is to educate and grow responsible teen fathers through weekly sessions of implementing an evidence based curriculum. The program content is designed to prevent child abuse by strenghthening the Five Protective Factors. Group level intervention takes place over eight weeks through sessions held in memphis city schools and community centers Adult . Adolecent Parenting Inventory (AAPI) and Protective Factor Survey ( PFS) are administered at the first session.

Eligibility Requirements

--The Service is provided to shelby county residents. --Clients live in High risk zip codes-38106, 38107, 38108, 38109,38111, 39114, 38115,38116.38118,38126,38127, 38128( The zip codes have high child abuse , dropouts, unemployment,teen pregnancy, domestic violence and community crime rate ---Age is 16 to 25.

How to get started

  1. Use one of these methods to contact this service:
    • Phone
    • Group sessions are conducted in Memphis city schools and communi
  2. Find the location closest to you below, and use their contact information.

Ages Served

Ages 14-18

Full Family Support

Memphis TN

50 Peabody Place , Suite 300
Memphis TN, TN 38103
Monday - Friday 8am -5pm