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Family Preservation

Covenant Counseling & Consultation Services (CCCS) is a professional mental health counseling agency offering comprehensive Christian clinical services. Our team of professional, experienced therapists works with families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It is our belief that the best counseling may not always be dependent on steps or techniques; however, on a process that gets to know the individual/s to identify where core beliefs have been established and dictated our choices and emotional responses to life events. Our therapists and the individual/s, then, create a therapeutic treatment plan that is built on truth as defined by God, and walk along side our clients in their emotional brokenness.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Parenting Education - Nurturing Parenting Program Prevention-intervention programs are designed for at-risk youth and teen parents, as well as parents and families experiencing mild to moderate levels of individual and family dysfunction. Programs in this range work on stopping the dysfunction and engaging individuals and families in the process of building positive nurturing beliefs, knowledge and skills. Prevention-intervention programs are referred to as Moderate Term Programs and are generally from 12 to 20 sessions (dosage) depending on assessed needs. Individuals and families are required to go through an evaluation/assessment to match the assessed needs to the correct program content and dosage. Intervention-Treatment Programs (tertiary prevention) are designed for families referred for parenting education by Social Services/Mental Health for child abuse and neglect and/or family dysfunction. Tertiary level programs "treat" abusive and neglecting parent-child or parent-teen dysfunctional interactions through a process called "re-parenting". In re-parenting, parents increase their understanding of the abuse and neglect they experienced as children and how these parenting beliefs and patterns where passed on to their children. Old, hurtful patterns of parenting are replaced with newer, nurturing patterns. Intervention-treatment programs are generally referred to as Long Term Programs and are generally 15 to 25 sessions or longer depending on assessed needs of the family. Programs are evidenced-based programs for parents and their children at different developmental/age levels. 2. Alcohol and Drug Assessments - Provided by licensed mental health professional or licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor The assessment reports consist of: • Referral Question(s) • Referral Sources • Psychosocial Background Information • Assessment Procedures • Relevant Test Procedures • Assessment Results • Interpretation of Results • Summary and Recommendations 3. Alcohol and Drug Treatment – Covenant

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